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Need an expert in family law?

Need an expert in
family law?

When it comes to family matters we understand that you need a discrete and sensitive approach. Our friendly, professional team is on hand to help answer all your questions. 

family law and divorce

The family law team at Cooke Painter understands that whatever the nature of the divorce, relationship or family law issue that brings you to us, it is often an emotional, stressful and challenging time. Cooke Painter’s family law team will do our best to make the process as straight-forward as we can. We provide friendlyclearexpert advice, offering practical and realistic solutions.

Our experience and expertise will help you make informed decisions about your future. We will help you reach the outcome that is best for you and for your family.

With any relationship breakdown or divorce there can be a lot to consider. From making arrangements about children, to resolving financial matters such as the properties, pensions and businesses. Sometimes it may seem overwhelming. Speak to our specialist family team today and obtain advice about your options moving forward and the best way to proceed.

For more information please see our Family Law FAQ.

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divorce services.

Our family law and divorce specialists can help you in the following areas;

Divorce &

Financial Matters arising from divorce & separation



Pre, Postnuptial & Co-habitation Agreements


Financial matters.

Financial matters.

Similar to divorce and separation, the financial side of any relationship breakdown can be the most challenging thing to resolve. Especially at an upsetting and difficult time. It can seem like another pressure and source of stress but it is important to ensure that you do resolve it.

We can help you by advising you of the things to consider. We will work with you to achieve a fair financial agreement that you both feel satisfied with. This is often done through negotiation or attending mediation, however the Court can assist if this becomes necessary.

financial matters




Divorce is often a difficult time for those involved. At Cooke Painter our job is to help you through this difficult time and provide expert advice whilst being friendly and approachable. We can deal with the divorce for you from the beginning until the end. Our aim is to ensure things go smoothly so that you have one less thing to deal with at an emotionally demanding and stressful time. We can also deal with judicial separation and the dissolution of civil partnerships.

As of 6 April 2022, the law relating to divorce changed and it is no longer necessary to give a reason for the breakdown of the marriage, it is now enough to just say there has been an irretrievable breakdown. It is hope that this 'no-fault' divorce will help people to remain amicable and focus on moving forward and reaching agreements for children and financial matters. 

It is usually possible to obtain a divorce without attending court and on average this will take a little over 6 months, although this timescale may be longer where financial matters also need to be resolve. 

We offer a fixed fee divorce package so that you know exactly what the costs will be. For those cases that are a little more complicated, we can discuss the likely costs with you. Alongside the divorce we can also assist you in resolving financial matters and ensuring both are concluded in your best interests.

Call us on 0117 9777 403 to arrange a free 30 minute meeting, where we can discuss your matter with you and the potential for divorce. We can then outline how we can proceed in the best way for you.

Children matters.

Children matters.

Any relationship breakdown, such as a divorce, can be a difficult time. This is even more so where children involved. At Cooke Painter, we firmly believe that it is important to try and resolve maters as amicably as possible, especially where there are children involved. As Resolution members, this is behind all the work that we do.

It is generally best for agreements to be reached about the children without resorting to Court, as parents and carers know their children best. Sometimes the assistance of the Court is required and we can help with this if it becomes necessary. We can help you to achieve a Child Arrangements Order, setting out the arrangements regarding the children. We can also help with issues surrounding:

  • Parental Responsibility,
  • Special Guardianship orders,
  • Specific Issue and Prohibited Steps orders,
  • Removal from the jurisdiction
  • Issues over holiday contact
  • Change of a child’s surname
children matters

Pre-nuptial/co-habitation/Post-nuptial agreements.

pre-nuptial co-habitation agreements

Pre-nuptial/co-habitation/Post-nuptial agreements.

It may not seem romantic but if you are going to live with someone and don’t plan on getting married or think that you may marry in the future, then you need to think about entering into a co-habitation agreement or a pre-nuptial agreement. This will ensure that in the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown, you both know where you stand financially. If you are married, you may wish to regulate how you will divide assets in the event the marriage breaks down. This can be done with a post-nuptial agreement.

More people than ever now choose to live together without getting married. Many people have their own assets that they wish to protect for themselves or for their family, for instance children from a previous relationship, in the event the relationship breaks down. It is important to ensure that any agreement is entered into correctly so that you can rely on it in the future should the need arise.

We can discuss with you what you wish to achieve and advise upon the best way to achieve this so as to protect you in the event of a relationship breakdown in the future. Contact us on 0117 9777 403 to arrange a free initial 30 minute consultation.

Domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse can take many forms including physical violence, emotional or verbal abuse or controlling behaviour. None of them are acceptable. Here at Cooke Painter if you are suffering from domestic abuse from a partner, spouse or family member, we can provide you with confidential advice regarding your options. We can advise you about the powers the Court have and assist you in obtaining an injunction from the Court to protect yourself and your children if appropriate. If you are in immediate danger, call the police as they have designated domestic violence units who will be able to assist you.

domestic abuse

 Civil Partnerships.

civil partnerships

Civil partnerships.

As with any relationship, the breakdown of that relationship is usually a difficult time for both parties. We are here to help you to deal with the practicalities of that breakdown. We can give you clear advice and to assist you in dissolving your civil partnership. The process of dissolving a civil partnership is similar to that of divorce. However, adultery is not able to be used as the reason for the dissolution of the partnership. If there has been adultery, then unreasonable behaviour can be used instead. As with a divorce, civil partners are able to deal with financial provision for themselves and for any children of the family.

Contact us on 0117 9777 403 to arrange a free 30 minute appointment with one of expert solicitors to discuss your matter and how we can assist you.

Taking the first steps.

Taking the
first steps.

We offer an initial consultation by telephone, Zoom or with a face to face meeting. Our highly experienced team will give you practical, jargon-free advice to help you to resolve issues quickly and fairly. 

We offer a free 30 minute consultation where we can discuss your family law or divorce matter and the options available to you. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

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